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Research is a Process. The research process can be improved using Software ...

FastR&D is a key.


Research and Development is an expensive business.  No question about it.  It is also the lifeblood of the organization.  Companies need new ideas to grow and compete.  How can companies do research and development more efficiently and get more value out of their R&D dollars?

Our answer is FastR&D. FastR&D assists chemical R&D Develop Better Products, Faster.

R&D is a Process

To see how to improve R&D’s performance, let’s look at R&D as a process:

Early steps are inexpensive requiring little in material resources. Later steps, however, become increasingly expensive. If scientists work through these later steps more efficiently, then the company saves time and money in the entire research process.

R&D Perspective

To speed product development or process improvement we must look at the R&D process from a scientist’s perspective.  The key (and expensive) research steps force a scientist to answer the following questions:

  1. What experiments should I run?
  2. How will I analyze the data?
  3. What are the likely key cause and effect relationships?
  4. How would I optimize the recipe with respect to performance and cost?
  5. Will my recipe be consistent from batch to batch?

A scientist must address all these issues thoroughly to develop new technology.

A Structured Approach

A Structured Approach to R&D combines the intuitive and creative talents of a scientist with the rigorous discipline of mathematics.  The Structured Approach uses statistical techniques, design of experiments, systems modeling, and optimization to develop an effective R&D strategy to help scientists move quickly through the process.We believe this is the most effective approach to R&D.

FastR&D is Intelligent Software

Developing research strategies using computer systems is not a new concept. Techniques exist to plan and analyze R&D experiments. These techniques are accepted practice in industry today and are valuable. However, in practice, these methods are difficult to use and require extensive statistical, mathematical and programming support. Our software minimizes this problem by using innovative concepts to deliver the power of these methods in an easy to use format.

Thomas Edison said R&D is a combination of inspiration and perspiration. We leave inspiration to the scientist. We focus on perspiration and use software technology to minimize it.

Research is 20% inspiration and 80% perspiration.
- Thomas Edition 

"That is laborious. Can we make it 50:50?."  
-  How?

How Does It Work?

The goal of the structured approach is to develop a set of effective predictive models of the process while minimizing time and costly experimentation.  Our analogy to this process is the road trip.  If you want to go from point A to B, you look at the road map and determine the quickest route.  Likewise, a good set of predictive models can serve as a scientist’s road map.  Most scientists have learned that developing useful predictive models is very difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Our software automates the model development process by using statistical methods and embedded decision trees.

Share Your Knowledge Easily.

Most R&D scientists and engineers hate technical report writing. It is a very left brain activity. Is there an easy way to make the technical report writing simple?

Another unique feature of FastR&D software service is its HTML report generation capability.  Using this feature helps the R&D organization build a knowledge library on its accumulated research and speed technology transfer to other groups within the company.  If a customer is having product performance problems, technical service can use the system to help isolate the problem and very quickly suggest a revised solution.

View the System

Viewing all experimental and data analysis results in graphical or tabular form is easy and standardized.  This feature helps automate tedious and time consuming report writing.


Structured Approach. Using a Structured Approach helps R&D develop better products, faster. Our software gives the organization this powerful structured methodology in an easy to use standardized system.

Automation. Our embedded decision trees give users the value of this technology in the simplest manner possible. The decision trees automatically choose the appropriate algorithm, process the data, and deliver results to the user in one minute or less.

“What if” Capability. The software allows the user to play “what if” games to fine tune the process. This capability allows the user to get maximum benefit from the technology.


Develop Better Products Faster at Lower Total Costs.

   - with quantitative predictive modeling in one minute or less.

Technical Requirements


Just create a few simple data files in Excel or Google Sheets.

FastR&D requires no special programming or data analysis skills.

FastR&D is designed specifically for the scientists and engineers who hate math and want to avoid math/stat.

FastR&D is fast like Tesla but costs less than a cup of Starbucks coffee per day.

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