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Meet Both Business and Scientific Needs.

        Business Needs

  • Reduce time to market by 20 to 50%
  • Develop better products faster
  • Improve R&D productivity
  • Retain and rapidly reuse knowledge
  • Ease technology transfer

       Scientist  Needs

  • Which experiments do i run?
  • How do I analyze the data?
  • What are the key relationships?
  • What is the optimum?
  • Will quality be consistent?
  • Is this the best I can do?

MUKUL MEHTA has a degree in Chemical Engineering from ICT (Mumbai) and Masters' in Chemical Engineering and in Applied Statistics, both from The Ohio State University. As a Senior R&D Manager, Statistics and Computer Aided Research, at BF Goodrich Chemical, he promoted company-wide use of Deming, SPC, Kaizen and Design of Experiments (DOE). During 35 years career in chemical process industries, Mukul has:

  • Successfully Scaled-up from lab to an eighteen-foot diameter fluid-bed production reactor producing 72,000 lbs/hr, generating over $1 Million in additional profits.
  • Consulted and Optimized design performance of a 6 mm angioplasty device for renal artery denervation and blood pressure control. Start-up was bought out for several hundred million dollars.
  • Consulted on 750 DOE studies. Trained 1000 scientists/engineers senior executives.
  • Advised and consulted many Fortune 1000 chemical firms on innovation, New Product Development, and managing New Product Development as a business process.
  • Published a book, Innovation and R&D, A Primer; for Chemical News, India.
  • Published a Handbook article on Design of Experiments for ASM International.

Mukul Mehta

If you are an R&D Scientist, Engineer or an R&D Manager, you would love this product. 

With Quantitative Predictive Modeling in Two Minutes or Less

Double Your Productivity

Rapidly identify a set of  lab experiments that will help you generate maximum information with minimum lab effort. 

Free up your time from boring, monotonous, "I hate this" report writing and use that time innovating.

Reduce Time to Market by 50%

Learn to get better info from your customers so you can design it right the first time. Develop new products with more confidence with better science on your side.  Reduce lab effort and report writing time. 

Become a Hero

This is easy. With greater assurance of predictive modeling develop better products faster.  Provide better tech support to Manufacturing and your Customers. And get bigger raises. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This software service is a result of my 40 years industrial consulting and training experience. On most Lab Data projects, this is what I do for my "1st production run."  60% of times, the report tells me everything I need. 20% of times I need to make minor tweaks and rerun.  Remaining times I need to rethink, and be creative. If you are not happy after you have run three projects, just submit your data files, reports and a brief explanation and you get your money back. No ifs and no buts.

This is my opportunity to give back to the R&D community that has given me so much. I will not let you down.


Optimum worked so well, we affectionately dubbed it "Mukul Recipe." 

We have a top selling product in the plumbing supply market segment. We wanted to develop a brand new product to replace our best seller. This required total reformulation. Mukul helped us identify the optimum recipe using DOE. It has worked so well, we have affectionately dubbed it, “Mukul Recipe.”

      AMRIT PARHAR  //  Director of Technology, The Oatey Co.

Scaled up from one inch ... to eighteen foot reactor ...

With Mukul’s expertise in DOE, his engineering background, and business savvy, we have scaled up new catalytic chemistry from the one inch lab reactor to an eight inch pilot reactor, and a world class eighteen foot diameter, 72 foot tall reactor. Our predictive DOE models are an integral part of our process control systems. We have licensed this technology to several European and Far East licensees for multimillion dollar profits.

         JOSEPH COWFER, Ph. D.  //  Director, Vinyl Technology, BF Goodrich
       Author of Vinyl Technology article in Kirk-Othmer, Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

Excellent Training Class ...

Mukul, On behalf of Ed Greene, our General Manager, and myself, I would like to thank you very much for the excellent training class which you led for us at Strongsville Research Center yesterday. It provided much food for thought for everybody, and it was good for a cross-section of functions across our organization to understand how all these techniques and processes come together in our business operating system to produce positive business outcomes…

      DEREK RANCE, Ph. D.  // Vice President and General Manager, R&D
      Akzo Nobel Strongsville Research Center

Developed a New Line of Laser Etched Colorants in 48 Hrs.

We successfully developed in one weekend, a new line of laser etched colorants for product branding name tags by running over 200 DOE experiments in a rented laser lab space.

         RON HARRIS, Ph. D.  //  Director, Color Technology

We Commercialized More New High End Products in One Year Than Ever Before. 

With Mukul’s DOE training, consulting and software we commercialized more new high end products in one year than any time before.

        MARY ELLEN COX  // Sr. Compounding Manager, Teknor Apex