Speedup New Product Development

This is an OLD letter we wrote in 1996-97 to ten local company R&D Managers, 
Got invited to make a one hour presentation.
Generated 3 sales @ $25,000 each.
This Content is slightly modified to reflect 2022 use.

Are you an R&D Manager in Chemical Industry?

        - Would you like to Double Your Success Rate?

What would it mean to you if you knew your product development team could:

  • Reduce project R&D time by 20 to 70 percent?
  • Significantly reduce recipe and processing costs?
  • Immediately access and easily reuse research information?
  • Quickly respond to marketing, manufacturing and customer requests by completing in about an hour “what if” analyses that currently take days or weeks?

Instead of the old choices among faster, better or cheaper, you can now carry out research and development projects faster, better and cheaper using **FastR&D(sm)**. What is amazing is that this tool can be learned in half an hour, does not require math or programming skills, and pays for itself in less than two weeks usage -- **FastR&D(sm)**.

Here’s how it works.