Fast R&D for Better Products, Faster

If you are first to market, you have a chance at 40 percent market share. If second, 24 percent , and if third, 14 percent market share.

                                  - Ries and Trout.

Getting to market a month earlier improves profits [by] an average 3.1 percent, ... Beating the competition by six months  improves profits by nearly 12 percent.

                                  - McKinsey & Co.

Overview of the Product

R&D managers have a tough job. No doubt about it. Today's business climate requires more new products to be delivered more rapidly, at lower costs, and with better technical support than ever before.
Historically industrial product development has been viewed as a creative, long term, unstructured research activity, patterned after academic research .While such a pattern is useful to develop brand new classes of industrial products, it is not necessarily the best pattern for productive use of expensive R&D resources in industrial setting.

Substantial increase in R&D productivity requires a break from the the historic pattern, a paradigm shift, a fresh new perspective.

Enter FastR&D - a unique, powerful system for product development.

FastR&D is simple, focused, structured and intelligent. It helps you generate maximum information at minimum cost.

FastR&D uses the power of design of experiments, regression analysis and mathematical optimization techniques, without requiring busy scientists to be skilled in statistics, mathematics and programming,

FastR&D has a built-in mechanism to retain and instantly reuse expensive R&D knowledge.

It is fast
It gets used.
It produces results.
It is addictive.

It is FastR&D.

Meet Scientific and Business Needs

Business Needs

  • Reduce time to market by 20 to 50%
  • Which experiments should we run?
  • Develop better products faster
  • Improve R&D productivity
  • Retain and rapidly reuse knowledge
  • Ease technology transfer

Scientist Needs

  • Which experiments do I run?
  • How do I analyze the data?
  • What are the key relationships?
  • What is the optimum?
  • Will quality be consistent?
  • Is this the best I can do?


FastR&D is the first software in industry to offer these innovative features.


  • Offers systems approach to product development for improved predictability.
  • Combines software patterns thinking with design of experiments, mathematical modeling and optimization techniques.
  • Offers a structured approach to product development.
  • Emphasizes a sequential approach to design of industrial experiments for multiple responses.
  • Provides intelligent automation to speed up work and prevent misuse.
  • Identifies several interesting cases automatically and optimizes for them.
  • Provides a very powerful "what if ..." capability. With FastR&D a user can, in under a minute, start the software, select the project, predict what would happen if a customer changes operating conditions and reoptimize for superior performance.
  • You can now generate in one minute after experimental data are entered, a detailed appendix of graphics, models and optimums. The scientist needs only to write an executive summary report and the report is complete and published.
  • Features a unique, easy to use use interface to speed up learning.
  • Insists that the success criteria for a project be defined at the very beginning. Marketing, Sales and Manufacturing inputs are brought into focus early and false starts are minimized.
  • Encourages a scientist to carefully define an experimental region of interest.
  • By assuming linear models and use of small heavily fractionated designs in many variables, the initial effort is kept to a minimum. In product development one succeeds by failing early and learning quickly from the early experiments.

Collaborate like never before:

  • R&D develops the product and stores the knowledge in an instantly reusable form in FastR&D.
  • Manufacturing uses the knowledge to fine tune the process.
  • Technical support uses it to assist a customer. 
  • Marketing uses it to entice new customers.
  • Sales uses it to check if R&D has a product that will serve a new market need.
  • R&D peers use it to determine what has been done, how and leverage the knowledge to speed new products to market.
  • Companies use the Systems Approach to Product Development and get the maximum value for technology investment.

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About Author

Mukul Mehta

Consultant and Trainer with 40 years of proven industrial experience in chemical industry. Worked as a Sr. Manager, Statistics and Computer Aided Research and then as a software entrepreneur, promoted "quantitative, predictive modeling in one minute or less as a mantra for R&D and New Product Development." Many multi-million dollar successes for dozens of Corporate R&D clients in chemical and pharma industry.