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Are you an R&D Chemist/Scientist?                 an R&D Manager?

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You must have seen my PowerPoint slides. Here is the transcript.

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Are you a Laboratory R&D Chemist/scientist?

an R&D Manager?

Can we double the Speed of New Product Development? Yes, I believe you can. It is easier than you may think.

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I am Mukul Mehta. I am bilingual. I speak Chemical Engineering and Applied Statistics.

I was fortunate enough to get admitted and got my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from one of the best schools in India, University of Bombay’s Department of Chemical Technology.

I have two Masters degrees, one in Chemical Engineering, another in Applied Statistics with a thesis in D-Optimal Experimental Designs. Both from The Ohio State University.

I have applied D-Optimality concepts to projects in new product development, process improvements, kinetics, reactor design, scale-up and digital marketing.

Smallest project was 6 millimeter in diameter to reduce blood pressure, largest 18 foot diameter, 72 foot tall reactor, 72000 pounds per hour production rate.

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I believe FastR&D system can Help you -

Become Highly Efficient in: Product Development and Process Improvement

In last 40 years, I have worked on nearly 750 R&D projects in USA in Chemical Industry Chemical, Plastics, Polymers, Pharma and Food.

And trained about 1000 R&D scientists, Managers and Sr. Executives in USA.

Now I am sharing all my know-how with every organization that wants to learn how to speedup New Product Development. This is my passion.

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FastR&D is a System. A System, founded on solid, proven science that is simple, step wise and easy to use. 

Over the years I have synthesized this know-how into a system, FastR&D system,  for my personal consulting use.

I wanted a system that is reproducible and allows me to not miss any of the key concepts from scientific, engineering and statistical thinking.

A system, that R&D Lab Chemists/Scientists can learn in one day. And be productive the next.

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If you are a Business Manager, I believe FastR&D will help you:

  • Reduce time to market by 20 to 50%.
  • Retain and rapidly reuse knowledge.
  • Quickly transfer know-how from R&D to Manufacturing with improved quality control

If you are an R&D Scientist/Engineer, I believe FastR&D will help you answer these questions:

  • Which experiments do I run?
  • What are the key cause and effect relationships? What is the optimum?
  • Will quality be consistent from batch to batch?

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A key concept of FastR&D software is to teach the user how to:

Fail fast, fail frequently, fail frugally, but fruitfully.

And by failing fast, frequently, frugally and yet fruitfully, FastR&D helps a user learn fast, very fast.

With FastR&D it is possible to develop better products in half the time at half the cost. And quite often, even less.

As an example, in only six experiments I have helped develop a new linear low molecular weight polymer product.

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Here is the FastR&D System in one slide

Six steps. Just remember the acronym DEPLOY.

As an R&D scientist you can generate the entire technical report in as little as one minute using three very simple Excel data files.

And this action will free up one to two weeks of your R&D time.

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Here are some of the customers I have had an opportunity to serve.

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Would you like to learn and speedup New Product Development?

Want more info? Go to FastRnD website.