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Are You an R&D Manager Engaged in Chemical Product Development?

What type of R&D Systems are you using for New Product Development?

  •  Do these Systems, Help your R&D scientists or Hinder them?
  • How do you Track  R&D Performance?  Yearly? Quarterly? Monthly? Weekly?
  • Do you track R&D Results or Process?

 What type of Systems you need to develop, implement and use if you want to  Double your New Product Development Success Rate? How do you Stack the S curves for Fast Growth?

For nearly 40 years I have consulted with giants like Akzo-Nobel, BF Goodrich, Castrol and 30 others, and helped them get new and better products to market faster while saving them millions.

For last five years I have been thinking, How can simplify everything I have learned over the years and giveaway that know-how and know-why back to R&D scientists. 

I have combined my Chemical industry experience as a Sr. Manager of Statistics and Computer Aided Research, and as a company-wide Guru in Quality Management and 40 years of industrial consulting. 

  • Synthesized all this know-how, simplified it and figured out how to convey it so a busy R&D scientist can grasp it in an hour, try it hands-on the next hour and be productive the next day
  • It is based on solid, industry-proven science.
  • Created a framework, "D. E. P. L. O. Y. DoxBox."
  • Simplified it in six sentences, fifteen words so people can grasp it instantly. 
  • And Automated the hard technical part so a math-averse chemist/scientist, can do 60 to 80% of what I was doing in 40 to 80 hours, in as little as 5 minutes, and Save:
  •  4 hours a week analyzing data,
  • 1 hour a week creating an experimental plan for next week
  • 40 to 80 hours writing a comprehensive technical report, several times a year.
  • And there is much more ... 

Sounds interesting?

I work one-on-one with with a few R&D Managers, answer all their questions and get them going. Lots of questions first few days, then a few questions week after week.

I limit myself to a few new customers every month. Join me. I will not let you down.