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First things first.

Before you sign up for the Early Adopter Program , I owe you answers to several questions.
  • 1. Audience

  • 2. Costs

  • 3. Risks

  • 4. Guarantee

  • 5. Liability

  • 6. Criteria


Prefer Chemical and allied industries. I have a dual background, in Chemical Engineering and Applied Sttistics, I might be more effective in helping in these arenas.

Ideal clients are Chemists and Engineers who hate math/stat. I am offering simplified methods from the Design of Experiments, Response Surface Methods; I may bore you if you are a heavy duty math/stat/simulation practioner. My focus is simplicity. Quantitative Predictive Modeling in one minute or less, Innovative use of these methods for Rapid New Product Development, use the developed know-how and know-why for production quality control/improvement.

Did I miss your question? Please contact me and I will try to answer your question.

I hope I have answered most of your questions. If you are satisfied and feel you will benefit from the Early Adopter Program for Rapid New Product Development using a cloud based FastR&D software, sign up below. I will get back to you within a few business days.

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