Innovation and R&D

Are you an R&D Manager working in Chemical, Polymer, Pharma or Food Industries?

Would you like to DOUBLE the Speed of New Product Development?

          Mukul Mehta

It is much easier, if you have The Right Tool/Strategy.

Ten years ago, no one had heard of "Waymo." Google's driver-less car project.  Now everybody is talking about it. Waymo makes split second decisions by scrutinizing thousands and thousands of data points and making intelligent predictions.  Of course Google has been spending tens of millions every year to build Waymo. (

What if you can build a very expensive NEW Tool like Waymo for your R&D?

You may say, no, a tool like Waymo is too expensive and too high risk. 

Waymo makes a decision every tenth of a second, probably much faster.

What if you make a poor man's version of Waymo for your R&D?

600X slower decision maker.

Make one quantitative prediction  per minute for your R&D projects? Will that work for your R&D projects?

What if I tell you, you can NOW make such a Tool for your R&D projects use with newer technologies for less than a Million dollars? Less than a $100 thousand?

What if I can help your lab R&D chemists/engineers learn and start using such a NEW Tool in as little as four hours? 

I can, because I have the domain expertise ---

  • TWO Master's degrees. One in Chemical Engineering. Another in the fundamental science of predictive modeling
  • Over 40 years proven industrial experience
  • Produced many multi-million dollar savings for my clients
  • Published a tech article for Handbook.
  • Published a book Innovation and R&D, A Primer
  • Won a Microsoft Grand Prize for a technology that manages new product development process, that might be of interest to you
  • Worked on about 750 consulting projects, Trained nearly 1000  scientists, engineers and executives

And I was lucky. ( I will come back to that in a while)

Enough about myself.

Let us talk about THE Predictive tool.

If you have a limited budget, THIS Predictive tool gives you the biggest bang for the buck. Make your good scientists better. Help you double their new product output. 

THIS Predictive Tool is founded on an industry proven scientific method for solving technical problems in:

  1. Product Development
  2. Process Improvement 
  3. Manufacturing Tech Support and
  4. Customer Product Use Tech Support?

A method, a tool that can be applied again and again, on different types of problems, in your industries, and with a high success rate.

By using THIS Predictive Tool, your R&D scientists, can readily attain benefits like these:

  • A 20 to 70% reduction in problem-solving time
  • A 50% reduction in R&D costs related to testing, machine time, labor, and materials, and
  • A 20% to 40% increase in the value, quality, and reliability of the information generated.

If you can achieve these types of results on your research projects how will you feel? What will your manager say?

State of the Art
Currently there are several well established competitors in the Predictive Tool market place with similar older tools. They are stuck in their old ways. They provide each and every algorithm. Hide everything in menus and sub menus. They provide full flexibility to really high tech professionals to tweak and adjust all the parameters. 

These tools look great when a pro, with ten years experience,  gives you a demo, clickety -click, clickety-click and lo and behold a beautiful graph/report appears. You get excited, download a trial version and try it. And suddenly you recognize all the technical jargon that you need to learn.  You browse the manual, it is over 300 pages, full of jargon. Their intro course is 3 days, intermediate course 2 days and an advanced course 3 days.

As an R&D manager, you recognize its value. You try it, invest a year or two and give up. Too difficult. Too complicated.

You talk to your peers and a few provide wisdom. "... It is great software. Among the worlds best....  All you have to do is hire a real professional with a master's degree and good social and consulting skills, give him/her 2-3 years and hope... "


Hope is not a strategy.

Mukul Mehta

Over 40 years of proven industrial experience with many multi-million dollar successes for dozens of Corporate R&D clients in chemical, polymer and pharma industry. Worked as a Sr. Manager, Statistics and Computer Aided Research and then as a software entrepreneur, promoting "quantitative, predictive modeling in one minute or less as a mantra for R&D and New Product Development." see here