Did You Know You can easily Double the Speed of Your Chemical R&D New Product Development Projects using DoXBox™

Learn in one Day and be productive the next day.

Before you apply, read the short letter below to learn about the approach I've developed while consulting on 750+ projects with big brands such as…

From The Desk Of: Mukul Mehta
Cleveland, Ohio
September, 2022

Dear colleague,

Let me ask you a question:

If your development team could:

  • Reduce project R&D time by 2-4X?
  • Reduce recipe and processing costs by up to 50%?  
  • Access and reuse research information in a blink of an eye?
  • Rapidly respond to marketing, manufacturing and customer requests by completing “what if” analyses that currently take weeks, in about an hour?

What would that mean to YOU?

And if in just a month from now you could carry out research and development projects faster, better AND cheaper…Would you be interested?

If so, I might be able to help.

Right now, I'm looking for 5 Chemical Lab R&D Managers to personally help them double, triple or even quadruple the speed of their New Product Development projects.

Within just 90 days, you can double that speed using my unique DoxBotTM methodology & software.

Now, maybe that's you?

If so, I'll explain the details in just a minute.

But before I do, let me quickly introduce myself…

Here's a 30-Second Introduction

Hi, my name is Mukul Mehta.

I have written an 80 page booklet on Innovation and R&D, A Primer. Published a Handbook article, presented at Gordon Research Conference. Helped my customers:

  • Develop and Commercialize a water treatment product in only six experiments at 1000-gallons.
  • Increased plant capacity from 550 lbs/hr to 770 lbs/hr in nine, carefully planned 3-liter experiments for a Fridel Crafts alkylation reaction.
  • Scaled-up a new catalyst to a 72000 lbs/hr production fluid-bed reactor with $1MM/yr additional savings.
  • Patent a continuous process for the artisan bread making.
  • Create an innovative design using gold electrodes for renal denervation product to control hypertension.

You might not recognize my name. But you'll certainly recognize the names of the brands I've worked for.

For the last 40 years I've consulted with giants like Coca Cola, AkzoNobel, BF Goodrich, Sherwin-Williams, Castrol and many others, for one reason only:

To help them get new and better products to market faster, while saving millions of dollars.

During that time I've trained over 1000 scientists in statistical thinking for new product development.

This is why I've got to admit…

This May Be The Most Important Thing You Read Today and I Don't Say That Lightly.

Here's why…

I've re-re-designed a piece of software so that even math-averse scientists can learn and use my industry proven FastR&D app using DoxBotTM methodology in less than one day.

And it can pay for itself within a week.

But Before I Explain HOW it Works, Let Me Show You WHY it Works So Well.

We all know that every product development project should start with a good experimental plan.

But the problem is, less than 10% ever do!

And that's because experimental planning is seen as non-intuitive and non-creative and full of technical jargon.

It takes a lot of TIME and EFFORT to learn. And the Frequency of Use is so low, they have forgotten everything they learned by the time they need to use these methods.

And that's exactly why I've created FastR&D.

Introducing FastR&D - First Software That Makes Experimental Planning & Analysis a Breeze.

Here’s exactly how it works: A researcher: 

  1. Prepares two or three simple data files using templates provided. (10-30 minutes)
  2. Starts FastR&D app  and uploads these files ( 1 minute)
  3. Clicks the “Generate Report” button.
  4. Then in One minute of computations, FastR&D automatically generates a comprehensive technical report using the D.E.P.LO.Y. framework: ( 1 minute)

D. E. P. L. O. Y. is an acronym for the six step framework. Considerable thought has gone into developing each step. Each step is critical for the success of the New Product Development project.

Define Project

A project well defined, is half done. We use templates to create consistency from project to project. We use Russell Ackoff’s concepts of operational definition to ensure that the project is well defined and integrates the Voice of the Customer, Voice of Manufacturing and the Experience, intuition and gut feel of the scientist to create a cogent project definition that is easy to understand and reasonably complete. If needed, the key stake holders can sign-off on the project definition and ensure that the project is well thought out and likely to meet business goals if successful. It is a win-win for everyone.

Establish Reproducibility

We want the scientist to start on a solid footing, so we encourage that he run 4-6 experiments and demonstrate the R&D project data are reasonably repeatable and reproducible.

Plan and Run Experiments

The DoXBotTM  system automatically recommends lab experiments using industry proven science of the Design of Experiments. Just one click and a design is generated. No knowledge of the Design  of Experiments(DOE) is required. We encourage to start small, learn from data, and generate additional experiments as needed. This keeps the lab effort to a minimum, provide the project with frequent opportunities for feedback, learning and course-corrections.

Linear Model Building

DoXBotTM  automatically generates:

  • A Correlation Matrix, identifies some likely cause and effect relations and summarizes them in a simple presentation quality graph that can be used for discussion, feedback and business presentations. 
  • A Set of Scatter Plots, as many as 48 condensed into a single chart with the plots of actual lab data and trend lines, again to help the scientist make side by side comparisons, develop insights or questions for discussion and feedback. 
  • A Set of Predictive Models for each performance measure, list of the underlying statistical significant terms, a few key statistics, in case someone asks how significant these terms are, comparison of the observed data with the predicted value, Identification of potential outliers, odd looking data for further inquiry. Anything and everything a good research scientist is likely to be looking for.


Optimize product performance for each performance measure. E.g. you may wish to optimize a reaction for conversion, purity, yield or a combination of that using cost. Sometimes an optimum within the lab data region may not be good enough or even higher performance is desired. DoxBot computes and provides these by optimizing beyond the range of data but within safety limits.

Yes, Play What If …

DoXBotTM  automatically generates:

  • A Set of Several new product ideas using Jacobi’s  “inverted thinking,” crucial thinking that nobody teaches. ( think 3M Post-It NotesTM accidentally discovered by a 3M scientist who was looking for a high adhesive strength glue, but found a really low strength glue. It was so bad, it sent on the shelf for a few years!)
  • A Set of quality control parameters for Quality Control Guidance for Manufacturing use. DoXBotTM  even suggests tentative Product Specifications.
  • Finally DoXBotTM does some internal calculations using data, if available, and suggests if additional experiments need to be run to identify which recipe and process variables are likely to reflect more complex relationships requiring quadratic terms. (It even attempts to detect if the predictive models are deficient in some way.)

Good News is the D.E.P.L.O.Y Process is fully automated in DoXBotTM . Just one click, and within one minute a comprehensive technical report is generated that a research scientist can be proud of his work and output.

Also this DEPLOY report generated using DoXBotTM is a “parametrized” report ideally suited for "the Reproducible Research” concepts touted in the current scientific literature. This is a Standardized Report, so all reports have an identical layout and a busy scientist can go to any section of the HTML report he wishes to, in just two clicks.

Everything is neatly summarized in one standardized HTML report that anyone can read and interpret in 3-5 minutes. Essentially no knowledge of statistics or Design of Experiments or Regression Analysis is needed.

Even the US FDA has started recommending similar rigorous approach in its QbD – Quality by Design guidelines.

DoXBotTM is perhaps the first in industry to automate this approach so a scientist can focus on and spend his expensive time on “creativity” and not technical minutiae that has been chewing up 10 to 20% his research time.

About 60% of the time this report will meet all your needs.

About 20% of the time a tweak is needed to improve the report. It is already in our “backlog.”

And you can verify all statistical calculations independently if needed.  You can be confident that your R&D scientists are using industry proven solid science on their projects.

And if that is not enough we have plans and a backlog of about 30 additional procedures to enhance the automated DoXBotTM .

Here is a Short Summary. FastR&D automatically :

  • Suggests experiments you should run
  • Analyzes results from those experiments
  • Builds predictive models for them
  • Identifies optimal recipe and process conditions
  • Captures R&D knowledge for future
  • And generates a comprehensive technical report in a concise form.

All with a click of a button, in less than 1 minute.

You can simultaneously explore several variables over a wide range of values.You can build better models, make better decisions, create better products and design faster, less expensive and more consistent processes.

The result?

New and better products get to market faster because you get more done in less time.

Research and development dollars multiply their effectiveness.

You get the gist.

It was designed for researchers by researchers.And it has already saved users millions, so it can do the same for you.

I'm certain that together, we can at least double your project speed in the next 30 days.


Here is what you should do now?

I don't expect you to just take my word for it.

After all, you're in the "prove-it" business.

Buy it. , Try it.  And ask me all the questions. If you don’t like it, just cancel and I will refund your money in full, no Ifs and no buts.

Here is my product offer for you:

  1.  Charter membership - If you sign up early enough, you are among the top 5 companies to sign up with ten licensed users each, or among the first 20 sign-ups for single user licenses you get a one time HUGE discount - ALL future upgrades are free as long as the product is around. We have a current plan/backlog of 30 items. 
  2. Private Training with Live Webinars for each company with twenty licensed users.
  3. Videos  - "Easy Mastery" for learning, knowledge and mastery
  4. Ready to Run examples – Run any of these examples in 5 minutes, prove it to yourself How fast and easy it is and it can be the same for your projects.
  5. Templates – Ready to mimic and use.
  6. Webinars for quick-start and easy implementation.
  7. An eBook on DOE. 

    And much more.

Tech Support

Please note, this is a low priced product. All free technical support for the software use will be provided via Questions and Answers, online, asynchronously. This may take a business day or two. 


Our first version of FastR&D released in 1996-97 was priced at $7500 per user. Now I am considering converting that price to a yearly subscription fee of $750/year/user; so user’s upfront commitment is only 10%; if they are not happy with the value generated they can cancel it.

My mentor suggested a revised price $500/year; 94% savings, commit only 6%.

My mentor also suggested a Lifetime Charter Offer for the first 50 users. A one time lifetime price(as long as the product is around) of $500. This offer may close within a few days.  Please note this is a Qualified Offer You, the purchaser, must provide a company email address and an associated company website. FastR&D has the right to decline for any reason. 

 Risk Reversal Unconditional guarantee, if you cancel within the first sixty days and tell us what you are not happy about, we give you a full refund, no ifs and buts.

Your Responsibility

And oh yes, While we give you money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied, the Responsibility to Test all the predictions in a SAFE Laboratory Setting remains Your Responsibility. Predictive models based on the limited data may be subject to unknown concomitant and/or “lurking” variables.


Send me an email and I will answer within a business day. But be careful, if you lose 2-3 days, you may miss out on the Charter offer.

Mukul Mehta

signed Mukul Mehta

Follow a simple two step process:

  1. Fill out  a short application.
  2. Schedule a Meeting Time.

Thank you for spending quality time. I am looking forward to meeting you, sharing FastR&D thought process and answering all your questions.