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Transform Your Chemical R&D with DoxBox   


Use DoxBox Method, get rid of scientific data drudgery and free up your scientists' time for creative work.

              $500/year/scientist. You in?    

As Einstein would say: Make everything as simple as you can, but no simpler.

So here is the FastR&D offer.

For each scientist you get Lifetime Access to:

  1. Use FastR&D software app. Just crate three simple data files and generate a comprehensive technical report. 
  • Use demo data files and generate a demo report in 2-3 minutes.
  • Mimic demo data, and create your own project report in 15 minutes.
  1. a
  2. Copy easy to use data templates, mimic and modify for each project.
  3. Test and use sample data sets from published articles and learn the power of generalization.
  4. Learn, use and master the DoxBox thought process.
  5. Get Free upgrades for new training.
  6. Get Free upgrades for lifetime to FastR&D software. Current backlog has 30 or so “improvements” planned over the next few years.
  7. This may be the best buy of your lifetime.
  8. You also get 60 days Money Back Guarantee, no ifs and buts.

And oh yes, this is a once in lifetime offer, it will not be offered again.

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etc .

Before you apply, read the short letter below to learn about the approach I've developed while consulting on 750+ projects with big brands such as…

From The Desk Of: Mukul Mehta
Cleveland, Ohio
August, 2022

Enter your text here...

Dear colleague,

Let me ask you a question:

If your development team could:

  • Reduce project R&D time by 2-4x?
  • Reduce recipe and processing costs by up to 50%?  
  • Access and reuse research information in a blink of an eye?
  • Rapidly respond to marketing, manufacturing and customer requests by completing “what if” analyses that currently take weeks, in about an hour?

What would that mean to YOU?

And if in just a month from now you could carry out research and development projects faster, better AND cheaper…Would you be interested?

If so, I might be able to help.

Right now, I'm looking for the next 5 Chemical R&D Managers to personally help them double, triple or even quadruple the speed of their New Product Development projects.

Within just 90 days, we will AT LEAST double that speed using my unique DoxBot methodology & software, or it's free.

Now, maybe that's you?

If so, I'll explain the details in just a minute.

But before I do, let me quickly introduce myself…

In Case We Haven't Met Here's a 30-Second Introduction

Hi, my name is Mukul Mehta.

I have written a 80 page Booklet on Innovation and R&D, A Primer. Published a Handbook article, presented at Gordon Research Conference. Helped my customers:

  • Commercialize a water treatment in 6, thousand gallon experiments,
  • Increased plant capacity from 550 lbs/hr to 770 lbs/hr in nine, carefully planned 3-liter experiments for a Fridel Crafts reaction.
  • Scaled-up new catalyst to 72000 lbs/hr reactor with $1MM/yr additional savings.
  • Patent a continuous process for artisan bread making
  • Create an innovative design using gold electrodes for denervation.

You might not recognize my name. But you'll certainly recognize the names of the brands I've worked for.

For the last 40 years I've consulted with giants like Coca Cola, AkzoNobel, BF Goodrich, Sherwin-Williams, Castrol and many others, for one reason only:

To help them get new and better products to market faster, while saving millions of dollars.

During that time I've trained over 1000 scientists in statistical thinking for new product development. I have: 

This is why I've got to admit…

This May Be The Most Important Thing You Read Today and I Don't Say That Lightly.

Here's why…

I've designed a piece of software that even math-averse scientists can use to leverage my industry proven methodology in less than 1 day.

But this software, called FastR&D is not only an easy-to-learn tool.

In fact… It does NOT require any math or programming skills.

And it can pay for itself within weeks.

But Before I Explain HOW it Works, Let Me Show You WHY it Works So Well.

We all know that every product development project should start with a good experimental plan.

But the problem is, less than 10% ever do!

And that's because experimental planning is seen as non-intuitive and non-creative.

Therefore it takes a lot of TIME and EFFORT.

And that's exactly why I've created FastR&D.

Introducing FastR&D - First Software That Makes Experimental Planning & Analysis a Breeze

Here’s exactly how it works:First, a researcher enters project parameters and variables.

Then, FastR&D automatically:

  • Suggests experiments you should run
  • Analyzes results from those experiments
  • Builds predictive models for them
  • Allows you to quickly spot optimal decisions
  • Captures R&D knowledge for future
  • And it generates a comprehensive technical report in a concise form.

All with a click of a button, in less than 1 minute.

You can simultaneously explore several variables over a wide range of values.You can build better models, make better decisions, create better products and design faster, less expensive and more consistent processes.

The result?

New and better products get to market faster because you get more done in less time.

Research and development dollars multiply their effectiveness.

You get the gist.

It was designed for researchers by researchers.And it has already saved users millions, so it can do the same for you.

I'm certain that together, we can at least double your project speed in the next 30 days.


Here is what you should do now?

I don't expect you to just take my word for it.

After all, you're in a "prove-it" business.

But if you are interested in exploring working together, then fill out the application below right now.

Then pick a convenient time and let's talk.

On our call together, I'll show you the demo of FastR&D and lay down the exact path to doubling your project speed in the next 30 days.

I'll then answer all of your questions.

And then, we can decide whether we want to work together.

Talk soon,

Mukul Mehta

signed Mukul Mehta

Follow a simple two step process:

  1. Fill out  a short application.
  2. Schedule a Meeting Time.

Thank you for spending quality time. I am looking forward to meeting you, sharing FastR&D thought process and answering all your questions.