Summary, Deploy FastR&D software

Our goal for this short "Deploy FastR&D software" training course was:

"Learn by Doing"

Hopefully within 30-60 minutes, you ran FastR&D software, three times:

  1. 1
    Cheesecake Project
  2. 2
    Molding Project
  3. 3
    Reactor Optimization Project

And now you are feeling somewhat comfortable, running the FastR&D. That is the power of repetitive practice. Keep it up.

Perhaps you have already created and run  Your own project. If so, Congratulations! 

Celebrate.  Yes, Celebrate!

Small celebrations are a key part of developing winning Habits( B. J. Fogg, Tiny Habits)

Practice frequently. Celebrate each practice. That is the winning way!

And, oh yes, you also revisited "Plan and Run Experiments."

That concludes this lesson and the short course on "Deploy FastR&D software."

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