Run the FastR&D software, using Cheesecake Data

Run the FastR&D software using Cheesecake Data

Since this is your first project with FastR&D software app, we need to set up some structure for systematically running all projects .

So let us get started:

  1.  Create a directory on your desktop. Give it a name like FastRnD_Projects, or DEPLOY_Process_Projects, or whatever you like. I will refer to it as FastRnD directory.
  2. Create a sub directory, "CheesecakeDemo." 
  3. Download three files shown below. These are simple text files in Excel "csv" format. Save them in the sub directory above. Note: File names are Case Sensitive.

File 1: Cheesecake Project Description

File 2: Cheesecake Project Definition

File 3: Cheesecake Project Data

Just to be sure, compare these three files that you have downloaded to pictures below.

File 1:

Here is the Cheesecake Project Description file. It is a simple text file created in Excel and stored using Excel csv format.

Cheesecake Project Description

File 2:

Here is Cheesecake Project Definition file. This is another simple file, but highly structured.

IF you change the structure in any way, the software may crash!

DO NOT CHANGE any column headings, including spellings. Keep the capital letter capitalized, others lower case. Both control_id and response_id have numeric values, starting with 1,2, 3, ... Also columns labeled Low, High, Min, Max and Acceptable_Value all have numeric values. Each Response has a Goal. It could be either "Higher is Better", or the "Lower is Better." Currently "Target is Better" is not supported and therefore not acceptable. But soon will be. 

Figure 2: Cheesecake Project Definition

File 3:

Here is a Cheesecake Project Data file. This is a typical data file created using Excel and stored in csv format.  These data file have a few requirements. Column 1 is "Type; Column 2 is "No"(experiment number 1, experiment number 2, etc. ) For our Cheesecake project columns 3 through 10 display data for the Control variables, columns 11 through 16 display data for the Response variables. Last column is "Date" In the current version all the experimental data are numeric.

Cheesecake Project Data

Run the FastR&D software

This is a four step process. Each step is really simple.

Step 1: Question 1: Provide name for your project: Answer 1: Cheesecake

Step 2: Question 2: Who are Team Members? Answer 2: Your name, may be others.

Step 3: Upload three Files in the right order.

Step 4: Click on the Button "Generate Report"  Wait 30 seconds. Go to The Tab near the top of the software page and view your report. 

This concludes this lesson.

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