Run the FastR&D software, CatCostOptimization Case Study

Run the FastR&D software using CatCostOptimization Project Data

In the Overview of The DEPLOY Process I mentioned:

"We Learn by Doing."

So let us run another project. A CatCostOptimization Project. 

Almost 20 years ago I had consulted on a large plant trial. The plant trail had a few interesting characteristics. So I decided to create a synthetic data set by simulating similar behavior. Here is that synthetic simulated data set for CatCostOptimization project. 

File 1: CatCostOptimization Project Description

File 2: CatCostOptimization Project Definition

File 3: CatCost_Optimization Project Data

That's it. In your FastRnD directory, create a sub directory named "CatCostOptimization"

Store these three data files. Please note the filenames are "Case Sensitive."

You know what to do next!

Run the FastR&D software

To run the FastR&D software, you will need to answer two questions:

Question 1: Enter Project Nickname:    Answer:    CatCostOptimization

Question 2:  Enter Team Members names:  Answer:  Your name, any other name as needed

Next Step: Upload three data files for the CatCostOptimization project, in the right order. Verify.

Next Step: Click on "Generate Report"  Wait 30 seconds or so, a Report will be generated. Go to the Menu at the top of the software page and click on Report.

This concludes this lesson.

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