Yes, Play What If …

Lesson 7: Yes, Play What if ...

Now that we analyzed our lab R&D Project data, understand various key cause and effect relationships and identified optimums for product/process performance, we should be asking what next?

What else can we do with this information?

In this Lesson, we suggest you play What If ... games. 

How can I leverage my know-how?

How can I leverage my know-how?  A question you should always be asking is what other "new" products can I develop, with this know-how?to Use a

A good way to do this is to "invert the problem." It is a very useful technique/trick to nudge the mind to think and ideate in different arena.

So, for example, ask instead of making a good cheesecake with high moisture %, can I make a cheesecake with really low moisture %?  Not sure, think Cheesecake crackers! Easy to eat out of the box! Goodness of cheesecake! Eat anytime, anyplace! No plate or knife/fork needed! 

Here are several interesting, "inverted-optimums."

What else can I do with these data? These linear models? 

Here is a very different set of ideas for Quality Control.

For now I will not bore you with the statistical methods of Quality Control.

Just suffice to say, Play What If ... can be a very powerful tool in your arsenal. 

This concludes Lesson 7: Play What If ...

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