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Welcome to my FastRnD website. I am Mukul Mehta.

I have one and only one mission. 

Help Lab R&D Chemists/Scientists, who hate math,  speedup new product development. Develop better products faster, at lower costs. I have 40 years US industrial experience. I have learned so much from the Chemical industry R&D community. I am hoping to give it all back by sharing my know-how, know-why and experiences.  If that appeals to you, read ahead.

Are you a Lab R&D Chemist, an R&D Scientist or an R&D Manager? Or a Senior Corporate Executive?

Are you frustrated with the slow speed of R&D? Slow speed of new product development?

Would you like to learn and use a powerful scientific method that will help you DOUBLE THE SPEED of your new product development efforts? At HALF the Cost?

It is founded on Solid Science. I got lucky and learned it while doing my Masters in Chemical Engineering at The Ohio State University nearly 40 years ago.   

I am Mukul Mehta. Founder of FastR&D. I teach scientists how to speed up R&D new product development through simple, but smart experimentation for fast learning. I also consult part time, and provide my services gratis, if you are a non profit, or a serious start-up struggling to develop your first product in the lab. 

Yes, almost 40 years ago, I got lucky.  I recognized the value of this Solid Science so much I decided to pick up another Master's degree. It was "serious grad school math", a bit painful despite my stellar undergraduate heavy duty math background in Chemical Engineering. But in hindsight well worth it. It changed my career. It became my passion. I became a very successful corporate R&D consultant, a Sr. R&D Manager at a Fortune 500 company in Cleveland, OH a, trainer, a thought leader, a software entrepreneur and an evangelist. And now with over 40 years industrial experience and many multi-million dollar client successes, this new venture is my purpose-in-life. I hope to train 10,000 R&D chemists and engineers by sharing everything I have learned. 

If you are an R&D Chemist/Chemical Engineer I speak your language. I have a ton of examples I can share. 

The main problem with this Solid Science is, it is too abstract. Too hard. And perhaps not taught well. Well at least the first course, the introductory course is not taught well. So much so that most students hate it, and almost take a vow never to touch it again. Even the Ph. D. students in scientific disciplines avoid it if they can. Almost a year ago, I had the privilege of tutoring a brilliant First Year Medical School student. She was an almost 4.0 student, except for this course. She was afraid she would flunk it. We worked together. Covered about 300 pages from her textbook in four, 2-hour tutoring sessions. She was thrilled. She got an A. She still raves about it.

That dreaded first course is Introduction to Probability and Statistics. The Solid Science is Applied Statistics. It is the very foundation of The Scientific Method. And while you may have a Master's or PhD degree in Chemistry, Science or Engineering, chances are you never had the opportunity to learn this Solid Science, the very foundation of the scientific method.

Unlike the medical student, you don't have to take an exam. So I can simplify it to the bare essentials.

As Einstein would say: Make everything as simple as you can, but no simpler

Just simplify the Solid Science. Eliminate all the gory math and terminology. No cheat sheets. No formulas to remember, well maybe one. Just the bare essentials. More importantly, I can share with you all the tricks I have learned/developed through my consulting projects, guide you, teach you and help you leverage the enormous fire power of this science.

And ... Help you use it to double your speed of new product development. Yes, Double the Speed of New Product Development. On every project. 

Please note. I DO NOT guarantee success. 

Just you will double your R&D speed.

Succeed Twice as Fast.  

Or ... Fail Twice as Fast. But then you will know you are on the wrong track while you still have time/ resources for a major course correction.

This is my hobby. My passion. This is my way of giving back to the R&D community that has given me so much. I will not let you down.   

Interested in Speeding up R&D? Contact me.

Mukul Mehta

Mukul Mehta has over 40 years of proven industrial experience in chemical , polymer, and plastics industry. Worked as a Sr. Manager, Statistics and Computer Aided Research for BF Goodrich Chemical, a Fortune 500 company, and then as a software entrepreneur, promoted "quantitative, predictive modeling in one minute or less as a mantra for R&D and New Product Development." Many multi-million dollar successes for dozens of Corporate R&D clients in chemical and pharma industry. Trained over 750 R&D chemists, engineers and managers to Speedup New Product Development through statistical design of experiments.