Speedup New Product Development

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Are you a Chemical R&D Manager

       - engaged in New Product Development?

You can accelerate your Chemical R&D Career Growth, using DEPLOYR, a multivariate property maps builder for creating innovative new products.

Would you like to DOUBLE Your SUCCESS Rate for NPD?

           - You can by setting up an R&D Learning System.

Here is a question? Is R&D about New Product Development? Process Improvement? Make Better, Faster, Cheaper? BIG Success?

Hmmm....You may say R&D is all of that. or R&D is more than that. Some may say R&D is none of that.

I agree.

Let us Rethink. What does R stand for in R&D? R is for Research.  Re-search is Repeat Search. Why?

Let us take a simple example. R&D literature Search.

We do the search once, search again, and then again, it looks like this?

Here is a simple question? Why did we do the 2nd search? Why the 3rd Search?

Answer again is simple. We were not happy with the first search, the second search and perhaps even with the 3rd search.

So here is the first lesson. 

Mindset change # 1: R&D is Re-Search. Re-Search is about Learning

Here is another question, two really.

When do we learn fast? When do we learn slow?

Why does a one year old learn to walk fast? 

A one year old child, takes a few steps, falls down, gets up again, and tries again. He keeps trying, trying and learning until he masters walking. He may even have several bruises to show for it.

One year old is not afraid of failure.  

Why does the child learn faster? Because, he is not afraid of failure.

Failure is the key to learning.   “No failure.”   “No learning.”

More you fail, more you learn. Embrace failure.

Mindset Change # 2

Fail Fast, Fail Frequently, Fail Frugally, but Fruitfully..

When I say this motto, Many Sr. Managers frown, Some speak up: "Should not we say, Succeed, Succeed more often!"

Let us not worship on the alter of SUCCESS. Success builds ego.

Successes  prevents us … from taking risks.

If we are afraid of risks, we stop walking. we stop learning, stop getting better.

Mindset change # 3: Let us not worship on the alter of Success.

How do we learn faster? better?

Here is another question:

How does Finance/Accounting work?

Do they re-search every time to reimburse you for your travel expenses?

No!  they ask you to do what?

Fill out an “Expense Report” form., or use a company credit card.


  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Better……, Faster…….. Cheaper

How do they do that?

Finance/Accounting has ...

  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Templates

 ... that are repeatable, easily transferable methods, easily transferable knowledge

Mindset Change # 4

R&D needs a System like Finance/Accounting. Systems, Processes, templates. Repeatable, easily transferable methods, easily transferable methods.

Let us continue... How doe we learn faster, better?

  1. If I want to go from Point A to Point B, for example, from Cleveland, OH to Washington, D.C., what should I do?
  2. How would I go?
  3. How much time will it take?

Road Map Analogy slide 1

Road Map Analogy slide 2

Roadmap analogy
How fast do we want to get there?

How do you track R&D?


60-120 expts/quarter
20-40 expts/month
4 -12 expts/week?

----- No of Expts---

Roadmap analogy:
Which Road should we take?

Local or Express?


Which Experiments do I run?

What is my Expressway equivalent?



Why? Theorem: How to Maximize information with Minimum effort? (Kieffer and Wolfowitz)

Why we don’t know it?

Because it was not taught in most schools/colleges!

We all suffer from a disease…

It is called … “Not Invented Here… Syndrome”

We all want to stay in our comfort zone.

To Learn to Innovate … we need to get out of the building…as Steve Blank says

Think out of the Box.

Solution is “outside the building”

“Not Invent”  but  Innovate …. Bring new ideas from outside the building.

How to move fast in R&D?

•Yes, Use DOE

•  But use the latest technology

•If Possible run experiments in multiples of 4 …. 4, 8, 12,… 16  if possible ( this is a good rule of thumb, but there are exceptions)

What works?

How do I make it better?

Next step?

Let us review briefly:

Roadmap Analogy  

Where am I? 

How do I learn faster? 

How do I make it Better? 

How do I make it consistent? repeatable, standardized?

What is my Process for R&D?

Where is my System for R&D?

Define Project. 

Establish reproducibility. 

Plan and run experiments. 

Build Linear* models.


plaY what if …


D. E. P. L. O. Y. a Learning System.