Speedup New Product Development

Are you an R&D Manager in Chemical, Polymer, Plastic or Pharma Industry?

What would it mean to you if your product development team could:

  • Reduce project R&D time by 20 to 70 percent?
  • Significantly reduce recipe and processing costs?
  • Readily access and reuse your R&D data and models?
  • Quickly respond to marketing, manufacturing and customer requests by completing in about an hour “what if” analyses that currently take weeks?

Instead of the old choices among faster, better or cheaper, you can now carry out research and development projects faster, better and cheaper using FastR&D.

What is amazing is that this tool can be learned in half an hour, does not require math or programming skills, and pays for itself within weeks -- FastR&D

Here’s how it works.  Researchers enter project parameters and variables. FastR&D version 3.0 automatically: 

  1. Analyzes lab R&D data 
  2. Builds predictive models
  3. Identifies several interesting optimums
  4. Captures R&D knowledge
  5. And generates a comprehensive technical report in a concise tabular form.
  6. ... Everything in less than one minute 

FastR&D simultaneously explores several variables over a wide range of values.  Helps you build better models, make better decisions, create better products and design faster, less expensive and more consistent processes.

The result?  New and better products get to market faster.  You get more done in less time.  And research and development dollars multiply in their effectiveness.


Our first attempt, FastR&D version 1, was developed using Microsoft Windows platform. It was designed for lab R&D chemists. It was priced at $7,500 per named licensed user. Our Corporate customers thought it was good value. Our early customers included, BF Goodrich Chemicals, Sherwin Williams, M. A. Hanna, Ferro Corporation, Coca-Cola, ICI, Estee Lauder, NOCIL, Pidilite, Godrej and many others. We helped our users save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.  

In FastR&D version 2.0 we made some improvements, but not enough.

We still had a nagging feeling, our users were still struggling, but we did not understand fully why! Why? Why are they struggling so much?  

This is now my life-time capstone project, summarizing my 40 years learnings. Generate "distilled essence" that is reusable in a wide variety of R&D Lab settings. Our users struggle has became my problem. It has taken me years to identify. Now I have. 

Introducing version 3.0 of FastR&D. My capstone project, my passion with a twist. I am hoping to teach 10,000+ R&D Lab Chemists, teach them and give away everything that I have learned over my 40 years industrial consulting experience honed over nearly 750 consulting projects. Everything I know at low cost.

Now lab R&D chemists can do everything that a skilled, experienced, data nerd with advanced training can do, in under a minute.

Yes, in less than a minute.

With FastR&D, lab R&D data analysis is a breeze.  It automates difficult technical decisions. It determines the math to use.  It automatically generates a comprehensive technical report in one minute . You can come back to it after several months -- or even pickup a project started by someone who has left the assignment -- without missing a beat.

How to go FastR&D

I don’t expect you to just take my word for it.  After all, you are in the “prove-it” business.  With FastR&D, that takes less than 30 minutes.  Yes, in just half an hour, you will know whether it helps you work faster and better.  Given the current pressures on product development, this small investment of time could prove extremely valuable to you and your company.

The process is simple. Click below and view a two minute demo. Read an article or two in 5 to 10 minutes. Buy the yearly software subscription at a heavily discounted price (less than a day's R&D work) and test drive it. You have nothing to lose. Try it for 30 days with full money back guarantee. 

In addition to the software you get:

  • Online training in seven easy lessons.
  • Tech support by email.
  • Access to my 40 years industrial consulting experience.

Prove it to yourself. You have nothing to lose.


signed Mukul Mehta

Mukul Mehta